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Technology and chickens

Limnos chickens reach you in such good condition because we are always investing
in the latest technology and ideas from around the world.
The transport we use is designed to keep our flock as free of stress as possible
– as you can see chickens can be easily loaded and unloaded via specially
designed doors.

During processing we use the unique Stork® in-line chilling system.
Chilling is one of the most difficult components of chicken processing.
Chilling in an air chill tunnel on an overhead conveyor has three important
advantages over traditional methods:

  1. Improved hygiene and less chance of cross-contamination
  2. Controlled uptake of moisture during the chilling process improving the tenderness
    of the meat
  3. Tracking of the product through the entire process ensuring quality control

Nuova evisceratorNu-Tech liver harvesterL container

We choose to use Stork technology and equipment because they're the leading
poultry processing company in the world meaning we have access to the best
possible processes, technologies and equipment, aimed at improvements in quality,
hygiene, logistics, efficiency and labour conditions.

Which means you're free to enjoy the tastiest chicken in Australia.

Limnos Poultry – why not ask for us by name?

Latest Technology
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